Monday, November 9, 2009

In Memory of Memaw

I am more proud then I can say to announce that my mom completed a half marathon a couple of weeks ago. She ran in memory of my grandmother who passed away in April of Alzheimer's. I am more proud of her then I could ever express in words and wanted to share this with all of you guys. My sister ran most of the way with her just to coach her through this amazingly difficult task. Mom finished 9th out of over 50 runners in her age bracket. She totally beat her goal time. Here are some of her words:

"The rain started about 1 minute into my run and continued throughout the trek but 13.1 miles and 2 hours and 9 minutes later, I crossed the finish line. The most gruesome, taxing but most awesome things I have ever done on a personal level. The last two miles were the hardest not only physically but mentally but I felt Mom's spirit with me. I just kept reminding myself of the struggles she endured and told myself that if she could do it, I can too....and I did it!!"

I love you mom and am so proud to call you my mom.


Just thought you guys might like to see Greg and Bella in their costumes. We have a cute little Tinkerbell and a freaky bad guy who must have lost his last fight from the looks of him. I guess I should be thankful he wanted to dress up at all. Next year he will probably think he is too cool. I can't believe these are all the pictures I took! It was such a busy night that I just forgot. We went trick or treating then had some friends over for a fire in the fire pit. We roasted some marshmellows, hot dogs, and had some apples with caramel! It was yummy. Wish you were hear!

First Pumpkin Carving

You will have to excuse all my pictures and stories but we are going to have a year full of firsts and I want to document them all! The day after we got our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch we carved them, of course. Greg was totally excited about this. He researched his design on line and being the artist he is took his time making it perfect. He made a Fox symbol on his pumpkin which is one of his favorite scater clothing brands. Ryan made his smiling pumpkin face and let Greg do a Bears logo on the other side of his. I put some crosses on mine but first had to help Bella with hers. She wanted a spider. We had a great time together and lined them up the stairs to the porch which looked really cool at night:)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pumpkin Works

We have this great place nearby called Pumpkin Works which is open only in the fall. It has all kinds of fun fall activities including pumpkin sling shots, hayrides, carriage rides, a huge pumpkin patch, and every type of maze you can think of (corn maze, hay maze, spider maze. It is really cool. So we took the kids last week and had a blast. We did some of the mazes together.

Greg wanted to do some of the hay mazes with him but I was reluctant. If you don't know what a hay maze is let me enlighten you. It is a huge mound of hay which has a maze running through it which means the paths of the maze are completely enclosed and VERY narrow. It is freaky! At first when we went in with our little lights I had to do some serious mind control not to scream and freak out. Greg was fearless, of course and had a blast. After a little bit I got used to it thought and even went in a second one. I would not. however go in the one where you could only crawl because the opening was so small. Greg went in that one alone and didn't come out for 45 minutes! Yeah, no thank you. While we did the mazes Ryan and Bella went to the toddler area where Bell got to play in a big box of corn and pet animals. She loves the animals of course.

Later we took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and got some awesome pumpkins. Greg wanted to biggest one he could find and Bella wanted the smallest "baby pumpkin" she could find.